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      Welcome to Taizhou Fang Cun mould Co., Ltd.           中文版  |   English
      Web site announcement: honesty, market is always changing, integrity will never change.
      High qualityproduct qualityandAfter-sale support
      Continue to bring value to customers
      It includes all kinds of panels, connectors, reinforced beams, high strength steel parts, etc.
      Especially in hand brake, sunroof and engine compartment parts, it has more professional advantages.
      The company has long been a FAW-Volkswagen, Audi, Geely, Jiangling, Beiqi Yinxiang and other automobile factories to do mold development services
      case displaymould
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      aboutabout us
      Taizhou Fangcun Mould Co., Ltd. is located in the mold Kingdom - Huangyan, and later moved to the sea 20 kilometers away from Huangyan due to development needs, where the site is open, convenient transportation is more suitable for mold! The company specializes in the development of automotive stamping dies, including all kinds of panels, conn...
      What kinds of moulds are there
      There are many kinds of&nb...
      Part of mold
      In addition to its own mold, but also need the...
      Introduction of mold materials
      The most important factors of mold materials a...
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      contact uscontact us
      ADDRESSZhejiang province taizhou linhai city dayang street build (zhejiang naruhito bamboo technology co., LTD.)
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